These Features Are Available ONLY on the PREMIER PBX Service Plan

Premier PBX ~ Only $17 PER MONTH

Let’s Recap Exactly What ENTERPRISE-LEVEL FEATURES You Are Getting

  • Manage Multiple Numbers

    Manage Multiple Numbers

    Manage ANY Number of Phone Numbers and Call Trees for ANY Number of Businesses

  • Route To Multiple Recipients

    Route To Multiple Recipients

    Manage Unlimited Voicemail Inboxes and Email Each Message to One Or Multiple Recipients

  • Text Message Alerts

    Text Message Alerts

    You Can Optionally Receive a Text Message Whenever Someone Leaves You A Voice Message.

  • Outbound Dialing

    Outbound Dialing

    Use The Built-in Dialer to Place 1-Click Phone Calls From Your Dashboard

  • Caller ID Control

    Caller ID Control

    Setup ANY Info as Your Caller ID. People Will See This Data as The Incoming Caller ID When You Call.

  • Unlimited Phone Numbers

    Unlimited Phone Numbers

    Create Unlimited Incoming Phone Numbers and Route Them To Anywhere. PBX Lion Speaks 100+ Languages

  • Unlimited Sub-Users


    Create Unlimited Extensions and Private Voicemail Boxes Then Assign Access Login Credentials to Sub-Users.

  • Forward To Multiple Phone Lines

    Forward To Multiple Phone Lines

    Route Each Incoming Call to Multiple Phone Numbers Simultaneously. Round-Robin Style.

  • Automated Lead Generation

    Automated Lead Generation

    Accept Opt-in Leads As They Are Generated From Your Live Traffic

Premier PBX ~ Only $17 PER MONTH