Let’s See What Features You Are Getting

  • 1-800

    “1-800” PHONE NUMBERS

    Works in every country on earth!
    Increases Trust and Traffic!

  • Local Phone Numbers

    Local Phone Numbers

    Get Custom Local Numbers From Any Area Code Worldwide.

  • Phone Number Branding

    Phone Number Branding

    Spell Out Custom Words, Letters, and Numbers As Your Phone Number!

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Unlimited Extensions

    Route Calls to ANY Land-line
    or Cell Phone Worldwide.

  • Unlimited Mailboxes

    Unlimited Mailboxes

    Setup as Many Voice Mailboxes
    as Your Business Can Handle.

  • Unlimited Analytics

    Unlimited Analytics

    Track Call Flow Data and See Which Times Are Your Busiest.

  • Text-To-Speech


    Don’t Want to Upload Your Own Custom Greeting Audio?
    …Just Type It In!
    PBX Lion Speaks 100+ Languages.

  • Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding & Voicemail

    Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding
    & Voicemail

    Handle call flow however you like. Record Your Audio or Text-to-Speech.

  • Call Recording Functionality

    Call Recording Functionality

    Can Be Enabled Or Disabled.
    Voice Messages Can Be Forwarded to Any Email Address Worldwide.

PBX Lion Is A Metered Service

  • PBX Lion
    You Will Use PBX Lion as Your Gateway to Purchase Phone Numbers and Get Minutes.

    Choose Local Numbers or Toll Free Numbers.

  • This is Dirt Cheap!

    Your first phone number is included Free.

    Classic PBX: Get Up To 4 additional Lines
    1 Extra Line = $5 per month

    Premier PBX: Get Unlimited Lines
    1 Extra Line = $2 per month

  • You ONLY PAY for What You Use.

    PBX Lion Charges 0.04 Per Minute.
    100 Minutes = $4
    500 Minutes = $20
    If ZERO calls, You pay $0

Classic PBX ~ Only $12 PER MONTH